We had no idea at the start of this journey that our art would become the conduit for our connection with the Rwandans. First, we had to shed our assumptions about Africa, art, genocide, and forgiveness. The reality altered the exchange, and started a new conversation. We ended up facing ourselves and realising, the electricity that powered the connection was our shared humanity. We want to start a conversation about how we tell stories, how we break down barriers between different cultures and people, and how we can create a dialogue despite our differences.

Here’s how you can get involved:

1) Goodness in Action
In 2013, we raised finishing funds on Indiegogo by doing random acts of kindness for strangers, and it caught on amongst our supporters. In April 2014, Rwanda itself launched a Global Umuganda. ‘Umuganda’ means ‘coming together in common purpose to achieve an outcome’. We want to continue on in this tradition by showing love and supporting those of you out there who are already doing it. Maybe you’re inspired to clean your local streets and parks, maybe you make a meal or hold the door for someone. It all creates community and nurtures a connection between humans. These small acts of goodness ~ can add up to a movement.

What are your acts of goodness?
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2) Art in Action
We’re looking for companies or artists using the arts to promote dialogue that advocates for change in the community locally or globally. Contribute your stories and we will share them in our blog as we build goodness in communities.

Who inspires you?
Who is doing this work?
Do you have a project to share?
3) Community in Action
We’re aware that this film is just one story, but it is also the catalyst to create meaningful dialogue. Join us in the conversation.

Where would you like to see this film?
Would you like to hold workshops?
Can you host a community screening?

Please reach out to us at: goodnessinrwanda@gmail.com