"What we get back is a reflection of Western society."

GiR wins Best Documentary at Thin Line 2014

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We are so pleased to announce that ‘Goodness in Rwanda’ was chosen at Thin Line 2014 as the winner of Best Documentary. We were in such good company – so many great films at this festival. We’re also honored to be in the company of former Thin Line award winners, Blood Brother (Steve Hoover & Danny Yourd), Invisible Young (Steven Kellers), and Gasland (by the intrepid and unstoppable, Josh Fox). In this interview with the Denton Record-Chronicle, Festival Director Joshua Butler said he “found it interesting that — with many of last year’s winning films following Westerners trying to “do good” in developing countries — so many films this year examined how such altruism is received. This year’s films showed the Western perspective doesn’t always resonate.

“What we get back is a reflection of Western society.”

Also thanks to Scott Campbell at Dentoning for his coverage – you can read his  rundown of the festival here. Congratulations go out to everyone involved in making GiR a success, including our amazing crowdfunders in TeamGiR. Rwanda map . We met so many great film fans at the festival, and we are glad the film resonated deeply.  With the events unfolding in Southern Sudan, CAR, genocide awareness has never been more important – we want this film to continue to reach audiences and play a part in genocide education. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda – may we never forget.Follow the flame of remembrance around the world by following Kwibuka20 on the web and on twitter.

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