Gord Rand

Gord Rand is an actor, writer and director (Rand Ink).
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He has written three – and directed two – acclaimed and controversial plays: Orgy in the Lighthouse, Pond Life (nominated for a Dora Award), and The Trial of Thumbelina (NOW Magazine’s Outstanding New Play). He has performed on stages throughout North America, including eight seasons at the Shaw Festival, a collaboration with Tom Stoppard at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. Gord won a Dora Award for his work in The Innocent Eye Test, and was nominated for a Dora for both Orgy and Pond Life. He shares a Clinton’s Best Short award for his work in the comedy duo, The Trophy Wives. Gord was also a series regular (as RSM Kelly) in the hit series Combat Hospital. In developing his career as filmmaker, Gord has experimented with short dramatic narrative and comedy. Short films include the Bravofact! short film The Nincompoops (Drama – Director), the comedic The End, Pull My Finger, Does It Help? and To Sir, With Jizz: The Justin Cider Story (Co-writer, Co-Director). He is the co-creator of The Left Wing, a sitcom in development about a doomed idealist running for city councillor. Creatively, Gord aims to create a slice of concentrated and unsentimental reality. His work is unashamed of ugliness, awkwardness, absurdity and heart, and is distinctly populist in nature. Goodness in Rwanda is his feature documentary debut.